Maris Racal has been one of the early favorites in this one of a kind PBB edition. One from the Teens category, Maris has come a long way from the start of PBB and now, down to the last moment of her PBB Journey: The Big Night, which is happening tomorrow. I am one of the person who had become very fond of Maris, and now, I am asking for your support. Maris is a girl who is:

  • talented
  • bubbly
  • nice
  • friendly
  • courageous
  • small but terrible
  • charming and sweet
  • one of the reflections of the true “KABATAANG PINOY”

Is she also your Big Winner? If yes, grab your phones and type:

BBS <space> MARIS

and send to:

2331 - GLOBE / TM / SUN and ABSCBN Mobile ( P1 per vote ) SUBSCRIBERS







Alongside with Maris, Jane and Vickie, Daniel Matsunaga was declared one of the BIG FOUR tonight. He was the second one to be called in, and that was very wise of the people to vote him. Now, in less than 24 hours, as supporter of Daniel, I am asking you to vote for him to be this edition’s BIG WINNER. Daniel, as he showed to us inside the PBB house is:

  • A man of determination
  • A man with principle
  • A man that loves his family more than himself
  • A brother figure to the housemates
  • A pleasant person
  • Pinoy at heart
  • Hardworking
  • Courageous
  • Strong
  • Obedient
  • Humble

So if you want someone who possesses all these traits to be your Big Winner, well then grab your phones and key in 

BBS <space> DANIEL

and send to:

2331 - GLOBE / TM / SUN and ABSCBN Mobile ( P1 per vote ) SUBSCRIBERS




Coleen Garcia gives me Ariana Grande feels.

Anonymous whispered: Hi! Do you use PS to edit & make gifs? :) may i ask where you got your ps & is it for windows or mac?

Hi there! Yes, I use PS CS6 and KM Player. I got my ps from a site here on tumblr, but sad to say I forgot where I exactly I got the working links. You can try at pscs5 or popsources. You can also google “PS downloads tumblr” and either way it should work :) 

Anonymous whispered: what do you use para gumawa ng hd na gifs? :S

Hi! Truth is, it begins with the videos. HD videos are what make the gif HD-looking, so I suggest that you when you want to gif a vid, download it on the highest quality you can find. Playing up with the adjustments ( brightness, contrast, levels, curves, selective color ) and sharpening them ( i use smart sharpen) helps a lot too! 


2nd KathNiel Week August 31-September 6, 2014

Hello, once again! We’re proud to present the 2nd KathNiel Week which would be on August’s last day till the first week of September. If you noticed, it’s on the week of KathNiel’s 3rd Anniversary (Sept. 4)! Why not hold KN Week on the same week as their anniversary? The same rules used before would be still be followed. In case you forgot, visit this page to reread the rules.

Here are the themes/prompts for this week!

Day 1, August 31: Royalty or Cwtch (Welsh word)

  • Royalty: people of royal blood or status; prompt can be interpreted differently (ex. royal AUs)
  • Ctwch: a warm, affectionate hug, cuddle, or snuggle that gives a feeling of a safe place or home

Day 2, September 1: Balance or Selfies (groupie actually)

  • Balance: an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady;
    offset or compare the value of (one thing) with another.; asymmetrical or symmetrical; two sides of a coin
  • Selfie: a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

Day 3, September 2: Travel or Flowers

  • Travel: make a journey, typically of some length or abroad; go or be moved from place to place
  • Flowers: the finest individuals out of a number of people or things; prompt can be interpreted literally or differently

Day 4, September 3: Animals or Usha (Malay word)

  • Animals: (pretty self-explanatory); pets
  • Usha: to enjoy looking at the opposite gender; appreciate someone’s beauty by staring

Day 5, September 4: 3 Years (Anything you want)

  • KathNiel’s 3rd Anniversary! Create anything you want to celebrate their 3rd anniversary

Day 6, September 5: "I can’t breathe" or Yuanfen (緣分)

  • "I can’t breathe": please interpret it any way you like :)
  • Yuanfen (緣分): a chinese word for a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people

Day 7, September 6: Alternative Universe (AU), Fandom Crossover, or Song Lyrics

  • Fandom Crossover- pick a different fandom and imagine that KathNiel’s part of that fandom (ex. FMA Crossover: alchemists, military people, Fangirl [book] Crossover: fangirl + ex of roommate) basically any fandom 
  • Alternate Universe: if you were in another world, paano niyo maiimagine sila Kath and Daniel? They could be spies, dead no pls, spirits, astronauts, businessmen, steam punk, alchemists. Pwede ring nasa different era sila katulad ng Victorian Era, Jurassic Era, World War 1 Era, Futuristic. Pwede niyo pong icheck itong website na ‘to (x) para makakuha kayo ng ideas! Basically this is almost the same thing as Fandom Crossover.
  • Song Lyrics- pick song lyrics and make something out of it. Playlists and songs can also be considered.

Tumblr Users: Post your creations on your own blog, though, you could still submit it here but wouldn’t it better to post it in your own blog? Tag your creations #kathnielweek (make sure it’s part of the first 5 tags)

Twitter Users: Tweet your creations to us. Tag us @kathnielweek and add the hashtag #kathnielweek.

Anything you make is acceptable (ex. fanart, graphics, gifs, fanfiction, fanmixes, videos, meta, etc.) just make sure you follow the rules so that we’d reblog and requote it! NO REPOSTING and NO HATE.

We’re looking forward for your creations! Spread the KathNiel love! <3

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Wanna be nosy. . . here's your chance.
  • 0: Height - 5'5 1/2
  • 1: Virgin? - Yep
  • 2: Shoe size - 9 or 10
  • 3: Do you smoke? - No
  • 4: Do you drink? - No
  • 5: Do you take drugs? - No
  • 6: Age you get mistaken for - 17 or 18
  • 7: Have tattoos? - No
  • 8: Want any tattoos? - Yes
  • 9: Got any piercings? - No
  • 10: Want any piercings? -No
  • 11: Best friend? - Team SoCahToa and GG
  • 12: Relationship status - mentally dating my enrique gil
  • 13: Biggest turn ons - Sleepy voice
  • 14: Biggest turn offs - Dirtiness
  • 15: Favorite movie - Too many to list
  • 16: I’ll love you if - you're enrique gil. joke xD You understand me
  • 17: Someone you miss - My cousins!
  • 18: Most traumatic experience - Nearly getting hit by a truck
  • 19: A fact about your personality - I set my decision for the first minute and doubt about it on the last minute
  • 20: What I hate most about myself - My annoying attitude lol
  • 21: What I love most about myself - My procrastinating expertise
  • 22: What I want to be when I get older - A pediatrician / family doctor
  • 23: My relationship with my sibling(s) - NO SIBS ONLY DAUGHTER I CRIE. I WANT ONE EVEN JUST ONE
  • 24: My relationship with my parent(s) - best for me
  • 25: My idea of a perfect date - A roadtrip, only the two of us
  • 26: My biggest pet peeves - People that don't work hard for themselves and just depend on someone
  • 27: A description of the girl/boy I like - stupid and too numb
  • 28: A description of the person I dislike the most - Selfish, vain and too confident. Eff you dear
  • 29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend - I wanna protect another friend
  • 30: What I hate the most about work/school - Everything
  • 31: What your last text message says - I delete every convo I finished everytime sorry :c
  • 32: What words upset me the most - You're no good
  • 33: What words make me feel the best about myself - You've grown up into a such fine lady
  • 34: What I find attractive in women - Personality
  • 35: What I find attractive in men - Personality and hygiene
  • 36: Where I would like to live - Philippines. Just my country.
  • 37: One of my insecurities - My body
  • 38: My childhood career choice - Being a nurse
  • 39: My favorite ice cream flavor - Double Dutch
  • 40: Who wish I could be - kathryn bernardo
  • 41: Where I want to be right now - with enrique gil
  • 42: The last thing I ate - chocolate
  • 43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately - Francisco Lachowski
  • 44: A random fact about anything - That I can eat chocolates all my life

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bold your favorites

1. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper?
2. Cats,dogs, horses, lizards or hamsters?
3. TV, cinema, computer, iPod or gaming console?
4. Rock, rap, pop, metal or punk?
5. Black, white, blue, red or green?
6. Salad, cheesehamburger, ice cream, chips or fruit?
7. Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school or college?
8. United States, Canada, Australia, France or England?
9. Swimming, fishing, tanning, theme parks or camping?
10. Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, sledding or ice skating?
11. English, math, science, history or art?
12. Gummy worms, lollipops, gum, chocolate bars or cotton candy?
13. Xbox 360, Gamecube, Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Handheld?
14. Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube or Google?
15. Cute guys, tough guys, smart guys, hot guys or this is dumb? All of the above but just substitute girls in
16. Flats, heels, uggs, flip flops or skater shoes?
17. Early morning, noon, early afternoon, late afternoon or evening?
18. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen or attic? outside
19. Face-to-face, home phone, cell phone, instant messenger or twitter?
20. Skinny jeans, flared jeans, capris, shorts or skirts?
21. T-shirt, hoodies, tank top, tube top or halter top?
22. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King or Dairy Queen?
23. Car, airplane, train, boat or walking?
24. Coffee, tea, water, milk or soda?
25. Drama, comedy, horror, action/adventure or thriller?

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  • someone: what's OTP?
  • me: 'One True Pairing' but I prefer ‘Only Tears and Pain’

their friendship gives me hope ↓

                                                        julia and kathryn: my backfriend