Never take your parents for granted. 😊 Tell them how much you love them and how thankful you are for them everyday. ❤


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'Sup Jules! Happy Happy Birthday sayo. Every year lalo kang gumaganda at lalo kang sume-sexy at alam kong pumapayat ka, wag kang magalala, Okay lang yan. *laughs* Happy Birthday sayo, Sana masaya ka lagi sa ginagawa mo, sa lahat ng show mo, susuportahan kita. Maraming Salamat sa lahat, Sana magkatrabaho tayo soon. Ingat *flying kiss* :”>

this is too cute quenito ;~~~; reblogging all of the gifsets that contain this video

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Enrique Gil greets Julia Montes a happy birthday!
Kilig overloaaad! As in kilig to the max! The way he did the wink and the flying kiss, I didn’t expect it! ♥ JulQuen forever!

#HappyHappyBirthdayJuliaMontes :)
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Every wish is ours tonight… my love

Fave BTS scene!

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Happy 19th Birthday Julia Montes! ❤️

19 gorgeous years of being a simple girl trying to make it big in the world ♥
Now, she really made it big in the world.
She’s been an inspiration to many.
She’s taught others to dream and never give up.
We love you, Mara!
* Happy 19th Birthday, Julia Montes! *
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Screen cap from his recent instavideo. Aaaah ang gwapo sobraa ♥😍😂 Hai bby xx #enriquegil #quen #julquen #jq