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uhm enrique, sinong hinahanap mo? di ka informed na biglang mawawala si mara no? hahaha!

and kimmy, pag banggit ng enrique gil, kailangan talagang harapin si julia m? and mara why did you also face kimmeh?! hahahahaha

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lyrics of love —> kathniel. ♥

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'She's Dating The Gangster' Kathniel Book Edition by admiredaniel

hende ke keneye 👏🙌

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oh em geee i am dead

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enrique gil

dancing to Talk Dirty is the death of me

what if he does it with julia montes? i rlly imagine them dancing to it sometimes…

and i will be dead okeh omg why

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Happy 19th birthday Daniel John Ford Padilla!

wow just omg

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Guise, bago matapos ang 25 I want to say thank you. Nasabi niyo na lahat. There’s nothing for me to say anymore except to echo your words. Joke, may ibubuga pa pala ako.

Westwood, like most things, started out as a lingering idea. It was 2013 and kakasali ko lang ulit sa isang English RP. There, I met a Filipino rper who co-admined with me back in 2011 and lost touch with. I remembered that tatlo kaming Pinoys doon, and then it suddenly came to me: Bakit ang daming Filipino rpers pero walang Pinoy RP? Meron naman pala. Pero ang nakikita kong faceclaims ay sina Sehun, CL, you get it. So I decided to make Westwood. And here we are.

Sa totoo lang marami pa akong gusto idagdag (SONA lang ang peg). But hinahabol ko yung 25 (26 na pala). Salamat. We’ve been through a lot guys: ooc issues, long ass hiatuses, rotten rpers. We’re still here. And we’re still standing. We are expanding - not just through Warped, but through Twitter parties, ooc chats, Facebook accounts, WeChat, KakaoTalk etc. WestWarped has become more than just a roleplaying “game.” It’s a writing tool, a stress-reliever, a place where you can both let your imagination fly and meet newfound friends. I intended for Westwood’s run to end by June 2013. Then it became September. Tapos nag New Year na. And now it’s the first anniversary. Let me just say, WOW. I founded Westwood, but it was all of us who brought it here. #Lakas!

From Westwood to Warped, maraming salamat po. Here’s to more convos, paras, chats, tweets, and general kabaliwan. Love you all. CHEERS! 🍻

-Head Admin Ally 🍔

reblogging because I’m proud to be a part of this family. Love lots guys. ♥

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